Toward a Just Transition In An Age of AgTech

Globally and in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs), a food systems transformation is underway. This transformation is being driven in part by socioeconomic, climatic and other trends, as well as a range of societal aspirations – notably those of nourishing the planet while decarbonizing the economy and remaining within planetary boundaries. In this context, a […]

Living Income: what, why and how

The wellbeing of farmers lies at the core of healthy agri-food systems. Yet, two-thirds of those living in poverty today are farmers and farm workers.   The concept of a Living Income is gaining rising momentum as a viable solution to poverty within agricultural value chains and as an opportunity for responsible business conduct.   In partnership […]

COP28 Action Agenda on Regenerative Landscapes launched in Dubai

Leading food and agriculture organizations join forces to scale regenerative agriculture, partnering with 3,6 million farmers to accelerate the transition of over 160 million hectares to regenerative landscapes, with an initial investment of USD $2.2Bn. Dubai, UAE, 4 December 2023 – Today, at COP28 in Dubai, more than 25 leading agriculture and food players join forces […]

Business action to unlock the potential of African farmers – WBCSD’s takeaways from the AGRF Summit 2023

Africa’s food systems are facing unprecedented challenges such as climate change, geopolitical instability and rising food prices following the impacts of COVID-19 and the Ukraine war.

Sustainability experts discuss human rights in agriculture value chains

Singapore, 23 June: Agribusinesses have a responsibility to ensure that human rights are respected within their operations and across their supply chains. Many of these companies have significant land footprints, operate in complex value chain networks, and are major employers across the globe, including in countries with fragile social and political environments and weak jurisdiction. […]

Wicked Fire – Managing fire risk in a changing climate

he Global Agri-Business Alliance (GAA) has organized a workshop on fire prevention with its members and stakeholders. As part of this workshop, Craig R Tribolet, APRIL’s Sustainability Operations Manager shared his insights on fire prevention in Indonesia and APRIL’s learnings along the way. The below insight is now available: Jakarta, Indonesia, June 2020: After widespread forest fires […]

GAA hosted virtual convening on agribusiness sector role in driving community-based fire prevention

Singapore, 5 June: The global incidence of devastating fires poses a critical operational, social, and environmental risk for the collective agribusiness community. Many factors drive fire in agricultural landscapes including land clearing, industrial development, resettlement, and arson. Hotter temperatures and more extreme weather conditions brought on by climate change exacerbate the vulnerability to and risk of fire, especially […]

Global Agribusiness Alliance announces new Chair

CEO of Phoenix to become new Chair from 2019 Singapore, 25 October 2018: Today, the Global Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) announced the nomination of Mr Gaurav Dhawan, CEO of Phoenix , the world’s second largest rice-trader as its new Chair for  2019. On taking up his new role, Mr Dhawan said “Agribusinesses have a crucial role to play in embedding […]

New report shows responsible business is key to long-term value of agri-business companies

London and Geneva 17 April: A new report by Earth Security Group offers an innovation framework for CEOs of global agri-business companies to navigate a more complex set of systemic social and environmental pressures around the world. The report will help companies to implement the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems (CFS-RAI), developed by the […]