Tackling inequality with a business approach: Colombian Global Network partner CECODES’ interview with Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball

Bogotá, 28 June 2024: This interview with Alyson Greenhalgh-Ball, Interim Program Director Equity at WBCSD, is an English translation of an article that was originally published in Spanish on 28 May 2024 in the magazine “SOSTENIBLEMENTE” by our Global Network partner the Colombian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CECODES) under the title “Una visión global […]

New Zealand: Global Network partner SBC activates flagship report on strengthening the ‘S’ in ESG

Wellington, 5 June 2024: Systemic inequality, modern slavery, cost of living, mental wellbeing. We’re living through a time where the veil is being lifted on many of these longstanding societal issues, and as a result, WBCSD’s Global Network partner the Sustainable Business Council of New Zealand (SBC) and its members are recognizing how critical it […]

Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association joins WBCSD’s Global Network

Ulaanbaatar & Geneva: In a significant stride towards bolstering sustainable business practices, the Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association (MSFA) has officially become the latest member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD)’s Global Network. This partnership heralds a new chapter in Mongolia’s journey towards fostering green finance and aligning with global sustainability goals. The MSFA, a member-serving […]

Global Network Spain: Forética launches new Responsible Artificial Intelligence initiative

Madrid, 2 February 2024: WBCSD’s Global Network partner in Spain, Forética, has launched a new initiative ‘AI on ESG: Challenges and opportunities of Responsible Artificial Intelligence’, which starts with a space for reflection and action to make visible the impact that ESG (environmental, social and good governance) aspects have on advances in artificial intelligence (AI). The platform […]

Reporting matters Brazil: CEBDS study analyzes sustainability reports from 77 large companies operating in Brazil

An initiative of WBCSD’s Global Network partner in Brazil, CEBDS, in partnership with Report Group, seeks to increase the effectiveness of reports. Aspects such as ease of access to information, stakeholder engagement, and the establishment of goals and commitments were evaluated. Brasília, 30 January 2024: An increasingly important aspect for companies, sustainability reports are the subject of […]

Global Network partner CEADS celebrates 30th anniversary of contributing to sustainable development

Argentinian Global Network partner Consejo Empresario Argentino para el Desarrollo Sostenible (CEADS) celebrated its 30th anniversary and presented the results of the 7th edition of the “Connecting Business with the SDGs Program” in partnership with EY Argentina Buenos Aires, 30 January 2023: CEADS, WBCSD’s Global Network partner in Argentina, celebrated its 30th anniversary of integrating […]

BCSD Hungary celebrates 10th anniversary of Future Leaders Talent Program

Our job is not to predict the future, but to shape it. — Rodney Irwin’s welcome speech at  Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH)’s 10th anniversary celebration of its Future Leaders Talent Program. The below is translated from an article published originally in Hungarian by BCSD Hungary at https://bcsdh.hu/hirek/nem-az-a-feladatunk-hogy-megjosoljuk-a-jovot-hanem-hogy-formaljuk-azt-rodney-irwin-koszontoje-a-bcsdh-a-jovo-vezetoi-10-eves-jubileumi-unnepsegen/ Budapest, 8 November 2023: Rodney […]

BCSD Taiwan introduces WBCSD Sustainable Management Tools to assist companies in developing sustainable skills and build long term resilience

Taipei, 27 December 2023: In a dedicated effort to assist Taiwanese companies in navigating international sustainability issues and addressing ESG-related complexities, the Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Taiwan) successfully organized a series of five workshops. With the support of the Taiwan Sustainable Finance Platform, these workshops aimed to introduce principles, standards, and tools to […]

Forética’s Social Impact Cluster presents report on Business and Social Impact Reporting 

Madrid, 26 October 2023: Forética, WBCSD’s Global Network partner in Spain, organized the second edition of its ‘DEI Business Forum – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’, during which the report ‘Business Reporting and Social Impact: The new European framework for Social ESRS’ was presented.  This Forum was organized within the framework of the Social Impact Cluster, led by Forética and […]

Business in the Community Ireland and PwC launch Low Carbon Pledge Report

This article first appeared on the website of the Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI), WBCSD’s Global Network partner in Ireland, under the link: https://www.bitc.ie/newsroom/low-carbon-pledge-report-80-of-companies-are-on-track-to-setting-science-based-targets-for-decarbonisation  Dublin – 10 October 2023: The 5th annual PwC report on the Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) Low Carbon Pledge found that more businesses in Ireland are escalating their focus on sustainability and prioritizing decarbonization across […]