Global Network Spain: Forética launches new Responsible Artificial Intelligence initiative

Join Forética in shaping a sustainable future with ethical AI.


02 February, 2024




Madrid, 2 February 2024: WBCSD’s Global Network partner in Spain, Forética, has launched a new initiative ‘AI on ESG: Challenges and opportunities of Responsible Artificial Intelligence’, which starts with a space for reflection and action to make visible the impact that ESG (environmental, social and good governance) aspects have on advances in artificial intelligence (AI). The platform aims to promote a future where AI contributes to sustainability within a framework of ethics and responsibility towards people and the planet.

In the first phase of this project, a collective voice will be created with the contributions of business leaders from all sectors of activity in Spain and recognized experts in this field, incorporating their reflections and vision on the challenges and opportunities that the development of AI poses from an ethical and sustainability point of view.

According to the CEO of Forética, Germán Granda, “We are facing a technology that will play an absolutely transformative role with great potential to enrich our lives, not only professionally but also personally.It is also important to recognize that the speed of the emergence of AI, specifically Generative AI, also brings with it challenges that must be contemplated, anticipated, and that require urgent measures that have to do, in particular, with ethics, with a responsible use by all parties, as well as with a regulation that protects people and organizations”.

The current president of Forética and president of Microsoft Spain, Alberto Granados, opens this space by stressing that “The development and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence is fundamental because these technologies have an enormous impact on environmental sustainability, society and the governance of organizations. Therefore, it is critical to define a responsible AI model that guarantees six fundamental principles in its development: fairness, reliability, inclusion, security and privacy, transparency and accountability”.

As part of this initiative, Forética is working on a manifesto for responsible Artificial Intelligence, based on the main international benchmarks, which companies in Spain will be able to join. It will also launch a business community of practice to compare proposals, challenges and use cases to accelerate sustainability, which will be joined by leading companies and organizations committed to the subject.

About Forética

Forética is the leading business network on sustainability and corporate social responsibility in Spain. A non-profit organization, headquartered in Madrid, its multi-stakeholder membership includes more than 200 members including businesses – from limited companies to SMEs, academia, NGOs and individuals. More than 150 of its members are companies.

Forética’s mission is to foster a culture of sustainability, responsibility and accountability within major companies with the aim of promoting competitiveness and job creation. We believe that long-term business success has to be coupled with sustainable development and the creation of shared value.

Forética joined WBCSD’s Global Network in September 2014.