Becoming water-smart: Co-optimizing solutions in water and agriculture report in Brazil

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06 May, 2021




Geneva, 6 May 2021 – WBCSD and its Brazilian Global Network partner CEBDS jointly released the Portuguese translation of the report “Co-optimizing solutions in water and agriculture: Lessons from India for water security” today. Two case studies from Brazilian companies are also included in the translated report.

Businesses face significant risks from water scarcity and have real opportunities to gain from addressing the challenge. The issues of water, climate, nature, people and food are all interconnected and businesses have a unique opportunity to understand these connections and implement solutions that deliver value for all.

The report collates case studies from the work of leading businesses in India, highlighting business solutions for sustainable agriculture, with a clear focus on water efficiency. In doing so, it uncovers the often-challenging contexts in which the solutions have been implemented and records the impacts of these solutions on key indicators of agricultural yield, farmer incomes and water use.

The report further identifies four key enablers to scale-up the solutions – availability of funds, sound government policies, training and on-site support for farming communities and productive partnerships.

Brazil is a major food producer and the local availability of water for agriculture across the country is highly heterogenous. Better management of water at the local level is therefore critical to ensuring productivity as well as benefit to farmers.

The Portuguese translation of the report is a key milestone in the work the Brazilian business members of CEBDS are leading in the area of Food Systems and Water. It is a significant way in which business lessons for water-smart Agriculture developed through the work of WBCSD in India can be picked-up and further scaled-up within the local Brazilian context. It is a call to action for companies to collaborate with other businesses and actors to implement solutions that are stress-tested and deliver value for all.

For more information, please contact:

Sylvain Maibach, Manager Communication Food & Nature, WBCSD

Renata Nishio, Technical Manager, CEBDS