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The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) brings together transformational organizations to form a global community that shifts the systems they work within towards a better future. Our members push the boundaries of what businesses can achieve by taking action to limit the climate crisis, restore nature and tackle inequality. Our mission is for all people to thrive in a sustainable way for our planet by 2050.

Over 230 leading businesses are members of  WBCSD. It’s their valuable work and dedication that allows us to create real change across global value chains, benefitting the world around us and everyone who calls it home.

Block by block, we are transforming our businesses and value chains and shifting the systems we work in.

WBCSD - Accenture
WBCSD - Accenture

We engage executives and sustainability leaders from business and elsewhere to share practical insights on the obstacles and opportunities we currently face in tackling the integrated climate, nature and inequality sustainability challenge

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WBCSD insights

The Case for a People-first Approach to the Just Energy Transition

Lakes Dialogue 2024: Green Development Conference in Wuhan

WBCSD insights

“Two Lakes Dialogue” | 2024 International Green Low-Carbon High-Quality Development Cooperation Conference Successfully Concludes in Wuhan 

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WBCSD to co-lead a working group for the Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils (VACS) initiative 


Building the business case for sustainability


Building the business case for sustainability


Global Resources Outlook (GRO) 2024: Implications for Business


Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Due Diligence Questions and Criteria for Natural Climate Solution Projects

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WBCSD events & engagements across Climate Week NYC

WBCSD Council Meeting 2024 during Climate Week NYC

UN Climate Change Conference Baku – November 2024