WBCSD North America

WBCSD North America helps businesses in the United States, Canada and Mexico build the infrastructure for a better world through climate, nature, and equity action.

Our headquarters in New York City – the financial capital of the world and home to some of the world’s most significant financial institutions – places our North American office in the center of the global economy.


Drawing on the expertise of over 50 member corporations in North America and our regional partners, we bring our platform, network, and expertise to accelerate the required transformation of businesses, their value chains, and the systems in which they operate, to limit the impact of the climate crisis, restore nature, and tackle inequality.


North America is often considered to be the breadbasket of the world, due to its large and productive agricultural regions.

The United States and Canada are two of the world’s leading producers and exporters of wheat, corn, soybeans, and other crops. Additionally, United States trade with Canada and Mexico totaled a record $1.78 trillion in 2022. The size of the United States, Canadian, and Mexican markets is also significant. The three countries combined have a GDP of over $20 trillion and a population of over 500 million people, making the United States, Mexico, and Canada the largest free trade agreement in the world by GDP and the second largest by population.


Despite these advantages, climate change is causing more extreme weather events, which are damaging crops and disrupting agricultural production. Water scarcity is also a growing problem in some parts of North America, making it more difficult to irrigate crops, which is leading to lower yields.

The energy transition is also impacting communities across the region whose economies have relied on the tax base that fossil fuel companies have provided for over a century.


As governments, civil society, and businesses begin to address the impact of climate on the economy, it is essential that they put nature and people at the center of their efforts. This means ensuring that natural resources are protected and that no one or community is left behind in the transition to a more sustainable and equitable economy.

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North America is home to some of the largest and most successful businesses in the world that have a significant impact on the global economy – the region accounts for over 27 percent of global GDP.

The private sector in North America is known for its high levels of innovation and represents the forefront of innovation on the global stage. This is due in part to the region’s strong intellectual property protection laws, which encourage businesses to invest in research and development.


The private sector in North America has the potential to be a powerful force in addressing the interconnected crises of climate, nature loss, and growing inequality. WBCSD North America works with our members to accelerate the innovation needed to tackle these challenges in a manner that creates new market opportunities by addressing these issues.


Together, our work is helping to shape the future of our economy and society.


WBCSD North America’s community of business leaders are empowered to deliver action at speed and scale in their operations and value chains and sharpen the accountability of their performance.

The collective voice of our members is shaping policy to transform the systems in which we work:


  • -Our members are driving progress within their businesses through the exchange of best practices and trends across different expertise and sectors.
  • -Through the education we offer, and through standards and protocols supported by tools and technology, our members are improving their performance and sustainability competence.
  • -Our members and external partners are coming together to form partnerships, coalitions and accelerate change at scale. 

Together with our members, WBCSD North America is transforming the systems in which we work, block by block, towards a better future.

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