Our people

Executive Committee Chair

Executive Committee Vices Chair

Executive Committee

Leadership Team


Alexander Nick

Senior Director, Climate Action

Angela Graham-Brown

Director, Nature Action

Anna Stanley-Radière

Director, Climate Transparency

Bernard de Galembert

Director, Forest Solution Group

Carolien De Bruin

Senior Director, Equity Action

Charlotte de Voogd Senior Director, Communications

Charlotte de Voogd

Senior Director, Communications

Clea Kaske-Kuck

Director, Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement

Dr. Larisa Kryachkova, CPA

Executive Director, Tire Industry Project

Emeline Fellus

Senior Director, Agriculture and Food

Fiona Watson

Senior Director, & Member of the Extended Leadership Group

Gabriela Uriarte

Director, Education

Giovanna Spechel

Director, Marketing

Giulia Carbone

Director, Nature for Climate

Gordon Darling

Director, Redefining Value

Gregory Holliday

Director, 50L Home

Holly Crilly

Director, Key Accounts

Irge Olga Aujouannet

Senior Director, Events and Digital

James Gomme

Director, Education and Knowledge Management

Jason Baillie

Director, Information & Communication Technologies

Jennie Dodson

Senior Director, Policy Advocacy & Member Mobilization

Jenny Kwan

Director, Climate Action & Accountability

Joe Phelan

Executive Director Asia Pacific

John MacArthur

Interim Director, Energy

Julian Hill-Landolt

Senior Director, Nature Action

Karl Vella

Director, Climate Policy

Laurette Siemonek

Chief of Staff

Maarten Dirks

Director, Education (Digital)

Mariana Heinrich

Director, Energy

Marine Rose

Senior Director, Finance

Naama Avni-Kadosh

Director, Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT)

Nancy Gillis

Senior Director Industrial Pathways Transformation

Quentin Drewell

Director, Products & Materials

Roland Hunziker

Director, Built Environment

Shona Fullerton

Director, People

Stefania Avanzini

Director, One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B)

Susan Sutherland

Senior Director, Business Transformation

Suzanne Feinmann

Director, Education

Tania Paratian

Director, Action and Engagement Tire Industry Project

Thomas Deloison

Director, Mobility

Tom Williams

Director, Agriculture and Food

Uta Jungermann

Director, Member Engagement & Global Network

Victoria Crawford

Director, Agriculture and Food

Wei dong Zhou

Director, China

William Sisson

Executive Director, Americas