Our people

Stephanie de Heer

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Mrs Stephanie de Heer is Vice President (VP) and a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Stephanie joined WBCSD in September 2022.

In her role as VP, Stephanie focuses on marketing, communications and events, responsible for setting the priorities for communications and marketing, supporting both the reputation and the strategic goals, and demonstrating the organization’s leading position in the field of sustainability and business. Together with her team, Stephanie shapes WBCSD’s brand positioning whilst increasing and strengthening engagement and relevance with members, the broader business community and WBCSD’s diverse stakeholder audience.

Stephanie began working in the area of sustainability in 2010 at UTZ Certified. As the head of communications, she was part of the core team that led the merger between UTZ and the Rainforest Alliance (RA) in 2018, focused on integrating and building one organization with a clear brand identity, narrative, and value to key stakeholders, including civil society, companies, donors, farmers, consumers, and staff.

Before joining RA, Stephanie worked at Maussen Communications & Public Relations, an established PR company in Amsterdam, where she managed several large clients and was responsible for providing strategic PR and communications advice.

Stephanie holds a BA in communications and information science and a MS in communications studies, specializing in intercultural communications, both completed at the University of Utrecht.