WBCSD Opens New Office in Wuhan to Accelerate Sustainable Transformation of Chinese Businesses


21 March, 2024




The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) today announced the opening of a new office in China against the backdrop of East Lake of Wuhan in the Hubei Province. WBCSD’s investment and commitment to support sustainable development in China reflects the importance of the country, both locally and in a global context.

The region of Hubei also has strategic significance in terms of transportation, resource allocation and the Chinese economy, highlighted this month as Hubei’s imports and exports reached 102.03 billion yuan in the first two months of 2024, up 12.7 percent year on year. Five of the industries based there – optoelectronic information, new energy / intelligent connected vehicles, life and health, high-end equipment and BeiDou satellite systems – are particularly influential and relevant to sustainable development, both in China and globally.

The new office opening ceremony, held earlier this week during the ‘Cherry Blossom Viewing: Business Cooperation & Fortune 500 Dialogue with Hubei’ event, featured speeches from the Vice-chairman of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Mr Erkenjiang Tulahong, and WBCSD Vice President, Mrs. Stephanie de Heer. Mr. Joe Phelan, Executive Director of WBCSD Asia Pacific, received the registration certificate from the leadership of the Hubei Public Security Department.

Stephanie expressed gratitude to Hubei Provincial Government, Hubei Public Security Department, Hubei Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT Hubei), and other relevant entities on behalf of WBCSD.

On the same day, she also met with the Vice Governor of Hubei Province, Ms Chen Ping, and discussed an upcoming event, “Two Lake Forum” proposed by WBCSD and CCPIT Hubei, which will aim to form a new bridge for business collaboration on green industrial transformation.

In early March, a delegation led by Peter Bakker, President and CEO of WBCSD, visited China to finalize plans for WBCSD’s presence and new office opening. “As the world is turning to businesses for sustainability solutions, WBCSD’s ability to promote sustainable development and collaborate across industrial and commercial sectors will expand our reach with our presence in Wuhan,” commented Mr Bakker. “We also anticipate that bringing together innovative technologies and working practices will provide more effective solutions for global challenges, such as climate change and nature loss.”

Mr. Zhou Weidong, who is the Chief Representative of WBCSD China Representative Office, believes that following WBCSD’s establishment, it will continue to introduce advanced international sustainable development concepts and practices into China. Simultaneously, it will also promote Chinese businesses to share innovative solutions from China on the international stage and actively participate in promoting major international agendas.

CCPIT Hubei, as a core partner of WBCSD in China, has provided substantial support for the opening of WBCSD’s new office. CCPIT Hubei Director Hu Zhonghai said, “We believe in WBCSD’s vision and development strategy, and hope to cooperate closely with WBCSD in the future.

This should allow Chinese businesses to accelerate transformation towards sustainable development, strengthen capacity building and attract innovative sustainable development technologies to invest and develop in Hubei.”

The WBCSD Hubei Office opening highlights Hubei’s global position in green development. It will attract international resources to drive the province’s green transformation, supporting high-level opening-up and high-quality development.