Our Forest Solutions Group (FSG) is the global platform where leading business in the forest products sector build and share solutions to sustainable development.

FSG’s mission is to grow an inclusive circular bioeconomy that is rooted in thriving working forests. ​

Focus areas


To maximize its contributions to the SDGs, FSG’s work program if built around two mutually reinforcing pillars:

The challenge


We are living in an increasingly resource-constrained world confronted with a climate emergency, the loss of nature and growing inequality.

This calls for a radical shift away from fossil-based materials combined with the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, material reuse, and scaling up inclusive business models.

The business case


The forest-based circular bioeconomy, rooted in working forests, is an alternative low-carbon economic model based on the sustainable consumption of biological resources to produce food, feed, products and energy.

The solution


The forest sector lies at the heart of this transition to a low-carbon, circular bioeconomy due to the ability of forests and forest products to capture and store carbon.

When sourced responsibly, forest products are renewable, and they can be recycled several times. They can effectively substitute and complement fossil-based materials in sectors such as packaging, construction materials, textiles, bioenergy, pharmaceuticals and even vehicle components.

Impact on SDGs

FSG demonstrates its contribution to 9 sustainable development goals by reporting on Key Performance Indicators on a yearly basis.


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Bernard de Galembert

Director, Forest Solution Group

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Manager, Forest Solutions Group (FSG)

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Associate, Forest Solutions Group (FSG)