Working forests

Bring more of the world’s working forest under sustainable management

1. Implement and promote sustainable forest management practices and expand sustainable working forests, while protecting and enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem services by:

  • Using forest certification standards that are based on third-party verification;
  • Helping smallholders overcome barriers to obtaining and retaining certification;
  • Applying practices and methods for sustainable intensification;
  • Engaging with the finance sector to develop new financial mechanisms to accelerate investments in sustainable forest management;
  • Supporting the development and implementation of new tools and approaches to measure, value and manage biodiversity and ecosystem service impacts and dependencies.

2. Counter the forces that drive deforestation and forest degradation by demonstrating and promoting successful models for sustainable forest management and wood fiber procurement.

3. Promote and engage in context-based landscape management approaches, including on forest fire prevention and watershed stewardship, with the aim of enhancing ecosystem services, improving resilience and helping sustain forest production systems at local, regional and global levels.

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