Our people

Alexander Nick

Senior Director, Climate Action

Alex is the Climate Action Director at WBCSD, having joined in January 2022. He is leading WBCSD’s Climate Action program, a global, cross-value chain business platform facilitating collaboration to accelerate and unlock decarbonization solutions, to limit the earth’s temperate rise to 1.5°C. The program addresses all relevant topics, including Climate Mitigation, Climate Adaptation, Carbon Removals and Carbon Accounting.  

Alex holds more than 20 years of experience working across countries and industries on corporate sustainability. Prior to joining WBCSC, he worked at BMW Group, most recently as Head of Climate Strategy and ESG Standards. In 2020, BMW Group set itself ambitious, SBTi validated climate targets across all scopes. Alex also worked as a Director for SustainAbility in London, a global strategy consultancy and think tank, and as a research associate for IMD Lausanne.

Alex completed a PhD in strategic management & corporate foresight and holds a major in business administration and electrical engineering from Technical University Darmstadt, Germany. During his studies, Alex held various leadership positions in the international student organization AIESEC. Indeed, it was this deep involvement that brought Alex to dedicate his career to using the power of business to create a positive impact on society and the planet.

Alex has a deep understanding of corporate dynamics and success factors. He seeks to unlock key stumbling blocks and supports unleashing transformative solutions that add value to business and society.

Alex is a member of various sustainability organizations, including the German Association of the Club of Rome and the Responsible Leaders Network of the BMW Foundation.