Our people

Uta Jungermann

Director, Member Engagement & Global Network

Uta is Director for Member Engagement & Global Network at WBCSD. She is responsible for core member services: Reporting matters and the Membership Criteria. She also oversees the cooperation with WBCSD’s Global Network. Uta has extensive experience in managing and delivering strategic projects that successfully engage member companies and partners in advancing global sustainability objectives.

Having joined WBCSD in 2012, Uta has over 10 years experience in working across a wide range of focus areas within WBCSD. She managed the member and global stakeholder engagement for Vision 2050: Time to Transform which provides business with a comprehensive framework and reliable guidance on how it can lead the transformations the world urgently needs. In an effort to making the Sustainable Developments Goals actionable for business and support companies in effectively engaging with this policy agenda, she developed peer-learning platforms, capacity building programs and several SDG sector roadmaps. Uta led the development and implementation of the Forest Solutions Group’s key performance indicators, managed multi-stakeholder dialogues to accelerate collaborative action on the highest priority issues facing the world’s forests. She worked with a cross-sectoral coalition of companies to outline impact opportunities for business to contribute to realizing global health. She’s also focused on biodiversity measurement, valuation and reporting. With her extensive experience across global sustainability topics, she is in a unique position to support companies in improving the effectiveness of their sustainability disclosures and the ambitions described within.

Uta holds an MSc in Sustainability Management from Columbia University in New York City, and a BA in Finance and Revenue Management from the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland.

Uta was born and raised in Germany. She lived in the United States for a year at the age of sixteen and returned for her masters degree a decade later. Travelling across Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras sparked her passion for the unique history and culture of Central America, and inspired her longer-term desire to work in sustainable development. Uta has also lived and worked in the Canary and Balearic Islands for some time.

Uta enjoys good (in particular Mexican) food, hiking the mountains in summer and skiing the slopes in the winter. She greatly appreciates the outdoors and quality time with her daughters. Uta speaks German, English and Spanish and has some knowledge of French.