New Zealand: Global Network partner SBC activates flagship report on strengthening the ‘S’ in ESG

Wellington, 5 June 2024: Systemic inequality, modern slavery, cost of living, mental wellbeing. We’re living through a time where the veil is being lifted on many of these longstanding societal issues, and as a result, WBCSD’s Global Network partner the Sustainable Business Council of New Zealand (SBC) and its members are recognizing how critical it […]

Fostering long-term resilience through a dynamic approach to ESG risk management

How can businesses use enhanced risk assessments to create climate, nature, and equity solutions that promote sustainability and boost performance across operations and value chains? This insight note provides key learnings and themes from the enhanced risk assessment that may inform sustainable business strategies in any sector and for any risk types. It highlights the value to business performance, strategy and resilience of business […]

Integrating nature: assessing interconnected risks in the food retail ecosystem

Explore the intricate network of risks impacting the integration of nature into business practices within the retail and supply sector through our latest dynamic risk assessment (DRA). Engaging 34 experts from 14 organizations worldwide, we reveal the critical dependence of businesses on nature and its correlation to global risks outlined in the ‘2024 Global Risk Report’. Our analysis […]

The Senter Point

On The Senter Point Podcast, Amy Senter, Director at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) interviews leading voices across the United States, with each conversation representing a new perspective on the impact of private-sector innovations related to climate, nature and inequality. The Senter Point offers a critical conversation on the sustainability challenges that […]