Global Resources Outlook (GRO) 2024: Implications for Business

During the sixth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA6) on March 1st, the International Resource Panel’s flagship report, the Global Resources Outlook 2024 (GRO) was revealed, highlighting the alarming rise in material extraction over the past 50 years, fueling the triple planetary crisis.  As natural resource demand surges, businesses face a critical imperative to optimize resource […]

Tetra Pak commits to taking action for nature

As part of the comprehensive framework outlining the company’s contribution to halting and reversing nature loss, Tetra Pak has established 25 targets across the value chain. Lausanne, Switzerland (15 May 2024): Ahead of the United Nation’s International Day of Biodiversity on 22nd May, Tetra Pak has announced the launch of its ‘Approach to Nature’ – a comprehensive framework that defines […]

Nature-positive in agri-food value chains: the why and the how

Our global agri-food system faces an unprecedented challenge. It’s responsible for about a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and uses roughly 70% of freshwater, driving significant biodiversity loss and land-use change. With projections indicating a 50% increase in food demand by 2050, the system represents a substantial threat to our natural world. At the […]

Building business cases for Nature-based Solutions

Recognizing NbS as solutions to both business and societal challenges To mark World Environment Day, WBCSD is launching the NbS Blueprint and Nature-based Solutions Map, developed over the past year with 50+ global companies and external organizations. Together, these tools support companies in identifying and building business cases for Nature-based Solutions that address core business challenges while also […]

Nature-based Solutions Map

The Nature-based Solutions Map is a tool designed to help companies identify the types of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) that best address their priority challenges and opportunities, enabling them to build stronger business cases for using NbS. Using information from the NbS Blueprint, case studies, academic and grey literature as well as insights from experts in companies […]

Nature-based Solutions Blueprint

This Blueprint is a fundamental guidance on how companies can build business cases for using Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to address their challenges and opportunities – while also delivering positive impact on climate, nature and equity. Drawing on eight case studies from WBCSD members, this work lays out a six-stage process for companies to follow, from […]

NCSA Statement – U.S. Government Endorses High-Quality Voluntary Carbon Market

The NCS Alliance – a WBCSD’s initiative supporting the use of NCS voluntary credits – enthusiastically welcomes the Administration’s Principles for Responsible Participation, promoting high-integrity credits that generate real, additional climate mitigation and other positive outcomes. The Principles capture the key requirements for a impactful voluntary carbon market (VCM) that channels private capital towards effective decarbonization efforts. At […]

WBCSD partners with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop a new ‘Roadmap to Nature Positive’

WBCSD in partnership with GSK is convening the pharma sector including AstraZeneca, Bayer, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Roche and Takeda, to develop an additional tool to the Roadmaps to Nature Positive series, focusing on the pharmaceutical sector. All businesses depend on and impact nature through their direct operations and/or value chains. To accelerate business contribution toward […]

Natural Climate Solution Carbon Credits: The role of project developers and communities

When done with integrity, Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) can empower communities and other landholders to capitalise on their carbon rights to fund development and conserve local ecosystems. NCS projects reduce emissions and sequester carbon by protecting, restoring and sustainably managing forests and other natural ecosystems. These projects are often funded by selling carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market […]

Exploring the landscape of conservation: An exclusive interview with Fauna & Flora’s Zoe Quiroz-Cullen on Natural Climate Solutions

At the Natural Climate Solutions in Action Conference in August 2023, Natural Climate Solutions Alliance (NCSA) Director Giulia Carbone sat down with Zoe Quiroz-Cullen, Director of Climate and Nature Linkages at Fauna & Flora, to delve into the charity’s mission and the crucial role that Natural Climate Solutions play in shaping the world we live […]