Nature-positive in agri-food value chains: the why and the how

Our global agri-food system faces an unprecedented challenge. It’s responsible for about a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and uses roughly 70% of freshwater, driving significant biodiversity loss and land-use change. With projections indicating a 50% increase in food demand by 2050, the system represents a substantial threat to our natural world. At the […]

Toward a Just Transition In An Age of AgTech

Globally and in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs), a food systems transformation is underway. This transformation is being driven in part by socioeconomic, climatic and other trends, as well as a range of societal aspirations – notably those of nourishing the planet while decarbonizing the economy and remaining within planetary boundaries. In this context, a […]

Business guidance for deeper regeneration

To accelerate regenerative agriculture and transition agricultural models that work within planetary boundaries, it is essential to converge on an integrated measurement architecture. This includes addressing and overcoming the key challenges to alignment – a lack of cohesion on definition and outcomes, fragmented and siloed data collection and reporting, a need to translate global frameworks […]

Plant-forward is the future: How food businesses can make the most of the opportunity 

We’re at a critical point in shaping the future of our food systems. Status quo agricultural production and food consumption patterns contribute to excessive carbon emissions, land degradation and unhealthy populations worldwide. Leaders across business, government, and civil society are syncing up efforts to get our food system on the right track, and one of […]

Living Income: what, why and how

The wellbeing of farmers lies at the core of healthy agri-food systems. Yet, two-thirds of those living in poverty today are farmers and farm workers.   The concept of a Living Income is gaining rising momentum as a viable solution to poverty within agricultural value chains and as an opportunity for responsible business conduct.   In partnership […]

The plant-forward opportunity: A business playbook to meet consumer demand within planetary boundaries

Crafting innovative plant-forward portfolios presents a powerful opportunity for agrifood companies to drive tangible business benefits including revenue growth, ESG leadership, cost reduction, and risk mitigation. But realizing those benefits can be challenging.   This business playbook, co-developed with Deloitte Ltd., empowers organizations to feel confident in making and scaling plant-forward investments by offering a structure for […]

The Business Case for Scope 3 GHG Action in Agriculture & Food Value Chains

Transitioning the agriculture and food sector to net zero by 2050 presents a range of business opportunities for actors across the value chain. Based on workshops with WBCSD members, this summary report showcases the business case for individual companies in the sector to take action to decarbonize in line with the Paris Agreement and the […]