Global Resources Outlook (GRO) 2024: Implications for Business

During the sixth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA6) on March 1st, the International Resource Panel’s flagship report, the Global Resources Outlook 2024 (GRO) was revealed, highlighting the alarming rise in material extraction over the past 50 years, fueling the triple planetary crisis.  As natural resource demand surges, businesses face a critical imperative to optimize resource […]

Accelerating decarbonization by aligning the efforts of business and finance

Dominant greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting frameworks such as GHG Protocol, CDP and TCFD lay out the foundation for emissions measurement, disclosure and reduction by business and financial institutions. These frameworks focus on quantifying and reducing generated or financed emissions following an inventory accounting approach. Despite increased efforts by private market actors, humanity remains off track […]

WBCSD unveils Enhanced Energy Climate Scenario Catalogue 3.0 for strategic climate resilience assessments

Today, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released the Energy Climate Scenario Catalogue version 3.0.   The Catalogue enables businesses to conduct strategic climate resilience assessments and explore transition pathways. It outlines the dependencies and uncertainties across various possible temperature and energy system outcomes.  The original version of the Catalogue was developed in 2022, responding […]

The Business Leaders Guide to Climate Adaptation & Resilience

The Business Leaders Guide to Climate Adaptation & Resilience supports senior decision-makers and their functional teams to integrate climate adaptation and resilience into organizational strategy, governance, and operations. Developed by WBCSD, Bain & Company, and Jupiter Intelligence, with the support of leading global businesses, the guide contains nine modules, each of which includes tools, frameworks, […]

Entreprises pour l’Environnement: How to Embark Your Company Upon Its Climate Change Adaptation Journey

This publication was originally published on 21 March 2024 by WBCSD’s Global Network Partner in France, Entreprises pour l’Environment (EpE), on under the link: The aim of this guide is to help companies tackle the issue of adapting to climate change, an essential step in guaranteeing the sustainability and continuity of their activities. The examples of 30 French […]