Our Team

Senior Management Team

Peter Bakker

President and CEO

Peter White

Vice President and COO

Maria Mendiluce

Managing Director

Filippo Veglio

Managing Director

Federico Merlo

Managing Director, Member Relations

Managing Directors

Philippe Fonta

Managing Director, Cement Sustainability Initiative & Tire Industry Project

Rodney Irwin

Managing Director, Redefining Value & Education

Alison Cairns

Managing Director, FReSH


Irge Olga Aujouannet

Director, Events

Kitrhona Cerri

Director, Social Impact

Eric Dugelay

Director, Social Impact

Felicity Glennie-Holmes

Director, Communications

Julian Hill-Landolt

Director, Sustainable Lifestyles

Roland Hunziker

Director, Sustainable Buildings & Cities

Yvonne Leung

Director, Cement Sustainability Initiative

Joe Phelan

Director, WBCSD India

Matthew Reddy

Director, Forest Solutions Group & Climate Smart Agriculture

Rasmus Valanko

Director, Climate & Energy

Chris Walker

Director, WBCSD US Inc.

Eva Zabey

Director, Redefining Value

James Gomme

Director, Sustainable Development Goals