The plant-forward opportunity: A business playbook to meet consumer demand within planetary boundaries


28 March, 2024



Crafting innovative plant-forward portfolios presents a powerful opportunity for agrifood companies to drive tangible business benefits including revenue growth, ESG leadership, cost reduction, and risk mitigation. But realizing those benefits can be challenging.  

This business playbook, co-developed with Deloitte Ltd., empowers organizations to feel confident in making and scaling plant-forward investments by offering a structure for companies to better understand the opportunity, spotlighting areas of positive value, and illustrating options to launch and scale plant-forward strategies. 

Plant-forward innovation pathways guide businesses to take action with existing products and new products through reformulating, revamping, replicating, and reimagining portfolios. The report’s case studies demonstrate how leading agrifood companies are leveraging these strategies in their businesses.  

WBCSD will help its member companies and the agrifood sector at large take collective actions outline in the playbook: Setting industry ambition; advocating for plant-forward; and collaborating on innovation.  

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