Roadmap to Nature Positive: Foundations for the energy system


12 September, 2023



WBCSD’s Roadmap to Nature Positive: Foundations for the energy system serves as a guide to transform business practices and value chains and to ensure the energy system plays its part in halting and reversing nature loss by 2030 – the mission at the heart of the Global Biodiversity Framework. 

This Roadmap aims to support companies within the energy system, focusing on the Oil & Gas and Utilities sectors, in identifying the most relevant nature-related impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities. In doing so, it equips companies with insights needed to define and prioritize immediate actions, including:  

  • Embracing decarbonization to mitigate climate impacts  
  • Managing water resources sustainably  
  • Avoiding conversion of, and helping restore, habitats and ecosystems 
  • Committing to circular models   
  • Partnering and advocating beyond value chains 

This Roadmap has been developed  through extensive engagement with 21 WBCSD member companies in the energy system and through consultations with over a dozen partner organizations. 

In the next iteration of the Roadmap, we will build upon these Foundations with a focus on performance and accountability, including guidance on indicators and metrics, data needs and target-setting. 

About the Roadmaps to Nature Positive 

WBCSD’s Roadmaps to Nature Positive provide step-by-step guidance for companies to accelerate credible nature-positive ambition, action and accountability. The Roadmaps provide in-depth analysis and guidance relevant for all businesses, as well as specific guidance for four high-impact systems: land use (specifically, the agri-food system and the forest products sector), built environment system and energy system. Read more about WBCSD’s Roadmaps to Nature Positive