Roadmap to Nature Positive: Foundations for the agri-food system – landscape deep dives


26 October, 2023



Nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities (DIROs) are highly local. Recognizing the inherent link between agriculture and the land, our guidance includes an initial series of “deep dives” into three distinct agricultural landscapes. A company with global exposure would likely determine that any of these landscapes – if part of their value chain –requires specific nature-related assessment, commitment and action. This is precisely what we demonstrate in our deep dives, which: 

  • explore nature-positive concepts & processes in specific landscape contexts, aligned with IPBES, TNFD, SBTN and other leading frameworks 
  • highlight the location-specificity of nature-related DIROs, considering unique locations and crop cycles 
  • demonstrate an illustrative corporate maturity progression for one key “unlock” issue for each landscape 
  • include leading corporate practices, partnerships, lessons learned and remaining gaps 

Soy in the Cerrado, Brazil 
Top priority action area: Avoid deforestation and habitat conversion by adopting rigorous deforestation and conversion-free (DCF) policies and practices in line with biome-specific guidelines and cutoff dates  

Corn in the Upper Midwest, USA 
Top priority action area: Reduce negative impacts and regenerate farm ecosystems through improved farming outcomes by supporting nature-positive practices on and around farms 

Rice in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam 
Top priority action area: Build farmer resilience by investing in landscape-level approaches with a particular focus on areas of high conservation value and farmer livelihoods 

Watch our webinar to learn more about the landscape deep dives, and to hear from companies working on implementing nature-positive strategies in high  priority agri-food landscapes.