Roadmaps to Nature Positive: Foundations for all businesses


12 September, 2023



The Roadmaps to Nature Positive: Foundations for all businesses serves as the basis of our business guidance, laying out how all companies can play their part in halting and reversing nature loss by 2030 – the mission at the heart of the Global Biodiversity Framework.  

Following the ACT-D high level actions on nature (assess, commit, transform and disclose), TNFD’s “LEAP” approach, and SBTN’s AR3T action framework, the Foundations for all businesses provides step-by-step guidance for business to identify the most significant dependencies, impacts, risks, and opportunities (DIROs) for their business, which in turn inform priority action areas and transformation levers to accelerate nature action and investment. 

The Foundations for all businesses help companies from any sector to: 

  • Understand their relationship with nature; 
  • Set commitments that credibly contribute to nature positive; 
  • Ensure the collective impacts from regenerative and restorative business actions (doing “more good”) outweigh those from avoiding and reducing nature loss (doing “less harm”); 
  • Consistently and credibly disclose on approach and progress across all actions. 

In addition, WBCSD has developed systems Roadmaps that offer specific in-depth analysis for four high impact systems: land use (agri-food and forest sectors), built environment and energy. These systems-specific Roadmaps have been developed through extensive engagement with 75 WBCSD member companies across four systems, and over 50 partner organizations.  

In the next iteration of the Roadmaps, we will build on these Foundations with a focus on performance and accountability including guidance on indicators and metrics, data needs and target-setting. 

About the Roadmaps to Nature Positive 

WBCSD’s Roadmaps to Nature Positive provide step-by-step guidance for companies to accelerate credible nature-positive ambition, action and accountability. The Roadmaps provide in-depth analysis and guidance relevant for all businesses, as well as specific guidance for four high-impact systems: land use (specifically, the agri-food system and the forest products sector), built environment system and energy system. Read more about WBCSD’s Roadmaps to Nature Positive