Corporate Renewable PPAs in India

More and more companies are procuring renewable power for their operations to help manage their electricity costs while contributing to corporate carbon emissions reduction targets.

Accelerating climate action to COP 26

The global transformation to Net Zero is underway but we are still not on track. WBCSD calls on business and governments to double down on climate action on the crucial road to COP 26.

Accelerating corporate procurement of renewable energy in India

Purchasing renewable electricity is becoming more attractive for companies across the world. In India, increasing grid power tariffs for commercial and industrial consumers, falling prices for renewable projects and renewable energy’s contributions to sustainability commitments have led to companies actively procuring renewable power for their operations. One option for companies to buy renewable power is […]

Innovation in Power Purchase Agreement Structures

This report builds on WBCSD’s Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreements: Scaling up globally report (October 2016), which provides background on corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Power Purchase Agreements en Argentina

What are the legal obligations? What are the consequences for buyers who are not fulfilling the targets? What are the options to fulfil those? What are the steps to take to achieve a private PPA?