Asiana Airlines: Environmentally friendly management and sustainability


04 October, 2023


Case Study


  • Minimize energy and resource consumption
  • Introduce up-to-date and fuel efficient fleet and engines
  • Continually develop and apply energy-efficient operation techniques
  • Establish strict internal environmental standards
  • Set internal standards that are stricter than general environmental laws applied worldwide, and minimize pollutants through systematic management and observance of standards
  • Systematically analyze the company’s environmental impact and make use of the outcome to carry out reductions
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of its aviation operations, maintenance and service and improve environmentally friendly processes
  • Continually improve environmental systems through feedback
  • Systematically practice transparent and sustainable management
  • Carry out sustainable management educational activities and participate in environmentally sustainable activities
  • Continually publicize transparent environmental information as requested by interested parties
  • Thoroughly understand and comply with international climate change agreements