Automotive industry leaders partner to develop a shared approach to carbon emissions data

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development mobilizes automotive sector companies and initiatives in global effort to reach net-zero emissions by increasing transparency on supply-chain Scope 3 emissions.

Vision 2050 Transportation & Mobility Pathway: We can keep on moving, smarter

An interview with Thomas Deloison, Director Mobility at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), by Wei Dong Zhou, Director WBCSD China Earlier this year WBCSD launched Vision 2050: Time to Transform – a framework for business action in line with the urgency of the challenges that we face as global societies. It offers companies comprehensive and ambitious guidance on how […]

NEW AUTO: Volkswagen Group set to unleash value in battery-electric autonomous mobility world

Volkswagen presented its plan for transforming the Group into a software-driven mobility company with a strong focus on its powerful brands and global technology platforms, providing synergies and scale as well as opening up new profit pools.