Arcadis Global Electric Vehicle Catalyst Index: Government leadership and incentives strongest catalysts to support the global rollout of electric vehicles

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09 December, 2021


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Julia Mitic

  • Report measures EV implementation progress in 12 countries and 2 US states
  • UK, China, the Netherlands and Italy score highly across the three key catalyst areas: ESG targets, EV market and supply chain and charging infrastructure
  • EV implementation can be key instrument to improve air quality and meet net-zero goals

Arcadis, a leading global design and consultancy organization for natural and built assets, published at COP26 Transport Day a new research report called “Global Electric Vehicle Catalyst Index 2021: Accelerating electric vehicle (EV) program adoption and implementation”. The report measures progress in 12 countries and the U.S. states of California and New York against three catalysts to examine what countries are doing well and where they could improve on their EV adoption.

The three catalysts include:

  • Government leadership and incentives – Policy changes and stricter environmental regulations are some of the strongest catalysts for global EV adoption. Of the countries measured, the UK and China are strongest in this area.
  • EV market maturity and readiness – A mature market is characterized by vehicle affordability, availability of fit-for-purpose vehicles and ramped-up production capabilities.
  • EV charging infrastructure – Suitable EV charging infrastructure means reliable charging abilities across the journey (departure point, during and at the destination). Italy and China are strongest in this catalyst.