New toolkit on advancing human rights policy and practice in the agribusiness sector

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04 November, 2020




Geneva, 4 November 2020 – Today, the Global AgriBusiness Alliance (GAA), a sector project of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) launched a new implementation toolkit on advancing human rights policy and practice in the agribusiness sector.  

Building on the recent release of the second edition of the CEO Guide to Human Rights, the new GAA toolkit aims to foster alignment and scale action to improve human rights policy and practice within the GAA membership and agribusiness sector. It represents an important first step in building awareness, understanding and capacity on the human rights agenda.

The toolkit contains an overview of the most salient human rights challenges in the agribusiness sector as well as six steps for strengthening company performance on human rights with corresponding case studies from agribusinesses across the six steps. It also shares additional resources and templates for agribusinesses to use as they develop their own strategy and action to ensure human rights are respected across their supply chains.

Moving forward, the focus will be on peer-learning and bespoke training for members and their suppliers to support them on their human rights journeys. In the coming months and in collaboration with WBCSD’s People Program, GAA will continue to stimulate conversation on this topic that is rooted in practical challenges faced by the private agribusiness sector, moving together towards solutions, which are inherently cross-sector in nature.

Business has an urgent and critical role to recognizes its accountability to ensure investments and business operations support livelihoods and protect human rights. Through our collective actions we can build equitable, sustainable and resilient food systems. The results of our work will support outcomes for the UN Food Systems Summit and support delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Diane Holdorf, WBCSD, Food & Nature Managing Director

 Advancing the sector’s approach to human rights is one of the most impactful and strategic interventions we can collectively make to build rural livelihoods and promote equitable value distribution. We encourage wide uptake and are looking forward to supporting members in its implementation.

Ruth Thomas, WBCSD, GAA Director

The agribusiness sector has an important role to play in driving socio-economic development and resilient rural livelihoods for all its workers. Respecting human rights for all is a foundational step in reaching our broader sustainability goals. I am proud that the GAA has taken a lead in developing this toolkit that is bespoke for our sector, which faces unique challenges and requires nuanced monitoring and intervention. At Triputra Agro Persada we look forward to aligning our human rights policies with the framework provided in this toolkit; the process will undoubtedly strengthen our own social sustainability efforts and minimize operational and reputational risk across our operations.

Arif Rachmat, Chairman of Triputra Agro Persada (TAP) and GAA Chair

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