A human rights framework that puts people first

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10 December, 2021


WBCSD insights



Leanne Geale, Nestlé

People are at the center of everything

We can make a difference – and we already have

Long before I started at Nestlé in 2019, the company was already working on human rights, and I am so impressed by the progress we have made so far. For example, we’ve set the standard for addressing child labor risks, with a best-in-class monitoring and remediation system that has now been adopted by many other companies.

Nestlé supports its people with fair pay for fair work and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion – for example, through our Parental Policy and our Policy against Discrimination, Violence and Harassment at Work. We hope this shows that Nestlé cares and is ready to implement measures to address these issues.    

We are always working to understand the key issues

Collaborating for a bigger impact

Given the scale and complexity of human rights challenges across the world, we know we can’t do it alone. We need far-reaching changes in society, industry and policy. This is why we’re investing in strong relationships at all levels to protect and promote human rights. We work with national governments, local authorities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as our peers to develop, implement and scale solutions that work.

Transparency as a driver of trust

Since the beginning of our human rights journey, we’ve been open about what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and what the challenges and outcomes are.

We believe that addressing issues transparently is essential – from our successes to our challenges. Transparency leads to trust. It helps stakeholders make up their minds: as an employee, am I proud to work here?; as an investor, do I believe in what Nestlé is doing?; as an NGO, am I ready to take on what Nestlé is saying and doing, and work with them to make the world a better place?; and as a consumer, is this a product I want to buy – not just because it tastes good and is good for me but because it’s from a company that cares how products get from field to shelf?  

Where we are going from here