BCSD Taiwan introduces WBCSD Sustainable Management Tools to assist companies in developing sustainable skills and build long term resilience

BCSD Taiwan's workshops on WBCSD Sustainable Management Tools


11 January, 2024




Taipei, 27 December 2023: In a dedicated effort to assist Taiwanese companies in navigating international sustainability issues and addressing ESG-related complexities, the Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD Taiwan) successfully organized a series of five workshops. With the support of the Taiwan Sustainable Finance Platform, these workshops aimed to introduce principles, standards, and tools to companies in Taiwan, China.

Throughout Q2-Q3 2023, BCSD Taiwan organized for its members a series of four workshops embedding key WBCSD sustainable management tools, as well as a fifth one homing in documents/projects released by WBCSD about future sustainability trends. The selected topics spanned from Climate Action, Nature Action, Circular Economy, Risk management and Future trends to assist companies in developing sustainable skills to build long-term resilience.

Experts from WBCSD, specialized in each topic, were invited to share insights and future work plans online in the workshops. This provided Taiwanese companies with a deeper understanding of future initiatives and engagement opportunities.

The WBCSD Sustainable Management Tools Workshops successfully engaged with more than 170 practitioners from over 90 companies. The workshops assisted companies in perceiving and better understanding the content of each tool so to further implement and acquire knowledge to evaluate and seize the sustainable risks and opportunities in business.

To further support its member companies, in the past few years BCSD Taiwan has translated several WBCSD and related organizations’ publications covering various sustainable management tools and projects into Traditional Chinese. These are:

Furthermore, recordings from the five workshops are also planned to be published online, allowing more practitioners to continually access and apply WBCSD sustainable management tools.

Tony Mo, BCSD Taiwan Secretary-General, commented: “Only through the overall sustainable transformation from the socio-economic can the SDGs be realized, with businesses playing a crucial role in this process. Sustainability transformation by businesses is essential to drive the broader socio-economic transitions. The management tools developed by WBCSD serve as powerful instruments to assist companies in achieving sustainability transformation.”.

About BCSD Taiwan

As a non-profit business organization, BCSD Taiwan counts among its members over seventy leading companies in Taiwan, China. BCSD Taiwan joined the WBCSD shortly after its creation in 1997. Its goal is to help companies create a roadmap for corporate sustainability.