BCSD Australia unveils key insights on post-pandemic business landscape and sustainability trends

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31 July, 2023




  1. Mental Health: A top concern for businesses, indicating a need for businesses to integrate mental health support into their workplace policies.
  2. Consumer Priorities: Business considers that Australian consumers are beginning to prioritize eco-friendly practices, indicating a market opportunity for businesses that align with these values.
  3. Trust in Institutions: The National Government is trusted the most by Australian consumers to drive progress towards a sustainable future, suggesting a need for businesses to align with government initiatives and regulations.
  4. Employee Productivity: Business is seeing factors driving productivity include work-life balance, employee well-being initiatives, and opportunities for skill development, suggesting areas of focus for businesses seeking to enhance productivity.
  5. Barriers to Productivity: Barriers include inadequate training and development opportunities, mental health issues, and poor work-life balance, indicating areas that businesses need to address to enhance productivity.