Reckitt to be Hygiene Partner for COP26 climate summit as it unveils 2030 sustainability ambitions


30 March, 2021


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30 March 2021: Reckitt announces its partnership with the UK Government as the COP26 Hygiene Partner at the climate change summit in Glasgow between 1-12 November.

Today’s announcement demonstrates Reckitt’s purpose in action: to protect heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. Reckitt’s support reinforces the connection between planetary health and the health of people around the world, who are impacted by global warming. These are key goals in Reckitt’s ambitions for 2030 in its program For a Cleaner Healthier World, announced today and backed by over £1bn in existing investment built into its plans and projections.

Reckitt’s ambition is to reach half the world with products that contribute to a cleaner, healthier world by 2030, and to engage 2bn people in programs, partnerships and campaigns that inspire behavior change and will create a positive impact.

Laxman Narasimhan, CEO, Reckitt said: “We’re delighted to be the Hygiene Partner for COP26 and provide our expertise at this pivotal moment in our collective fight against climate change. Our plan For A Cleaner, Healthier World embeds sustainability in the core of our business. Climate change, planetary health and public health are intrinsically linked. We know our greatest impact is through the difference we make on people’s lives through our purpose-led brands. Throughout the world, our brands are helping people lead cleaner, healthier lives. But we can’t do this alone. Which is why we’re also delighted to be launching two new partnerships today with WWF and The Fair Rubber Association to drive real, sustainable change.”

As Hygiene Partner for COP26, Reckitt is committed to combatting climate change and will provide an unrivaled level of scientific and medical expertise to develop and implement hygiene protocols of the highest standards.

Working in partnership for greater impact

As well as supporting COP26, Reckitt is today announcing two new partnerships to create scale and impact in key areas for its sustainability ambitions:


Reckitt and WWF are coming together to protect freshwater sources, restore wildflower habitats, uncover new sustainable solutions for a cleaner, healthier world, and inspire millions of people to act for our planet. In recognition of the crisis facing nature, the Reckitt-WWF partnership will draw on Reckitt’s reach and consumer insights and WWF’s scientific knowledge of the natural world to make and accelerate change. By coming together as a force for good, the three-year partnership will work across three focus areas:

  • Drive sustainable innovation through research and collaboration
  • Inspire millions to fight for nature by engaging Reckitt’s iconic brands and people
  • Protect and secure freshwater habitats in two of the world’s most important river basins, the Ganges in India and the Tapajos in the Amazon

Tanya Steele, CEO of WWF, said: “At WWF, our mission is to create a world in which people and nature can thrive together. Working with industry is important in laying the groundwork for a more sustainable future. Through this partnership with Reckitt, we have a real opportunity to conserve and restore critical natural habitats as well as encouraging millions more people to take action to protect nature.

WWF will share its expertise and knowledge of the natural world with Reckitt and jointly create new strategies to reduce the environmental impact across its business. Our intention is that this partnership serves as a positive example for industry, that it’s possible to be a commercial leader while protecting vulnerable ecosystems and the overall health of the planet.”

Fair Rubber Association

Durex is partnering with the Fair Rubber Association to source sustainable latex; aiming to improve the working and living conditions of the producers of latex, while also promoting sustainable farming practices. Through the partnership, Reckitt will pay a Fair Trade premium for the rubber it buys. Farmers, smallholders and plantation workers who receive a Fair Trade premium use the money to support their livelihoods -supporting families, improving houses and investing in their children’s education. Reckitt will also work with farmers to improve farming practices to increase yield.

Martin Kunz, executive secretary of the Fair Rubber Association said: “We aim to help improve the livelihoods and working conditions of the farmers and smallholders who produce natural rubber latex through the payment of a Fair Trade premium.

“Reckitt’s participation means that some 2,000more small rubber farmers, tappers, and plantation workers will become part of Fair Trade in natural rubber and will receive a Fair Trade premium for the latex they produce. Since the Fair Rubber Association was established nine years ago, recipients of the Fair Trade premium have used it to invest in: their children’s education, housing, and surrounding communities.”

For a Cleaner, Healthier World is focused on three areas of activity:

  • Purpose-led brands –Reckitt’s brands are making a difference in protecting, healing and nurturing people across the world. Each brand is playing its part where it can make the greatest impact in accelerating progress to the UN SDGs. We are developing individual products to be more sustainable, with lower carbon, water and chemical footprints, and using less and more sustainable packaging
  • Healthier planet –Recognising the increasing connection between people’s health, Reckitt have committed to carbon neutrality by 2040. We are securing water resources for the future and will continue evaluating our biodiversity footprint and will progressively regenerate ecosystems
  • Fairer Society–Enabling a fair, diverse, and inclusive society as a responsible employer and in its value chain. Reckitt are continuing to embed human rights throughout the business, while developing sustainable livelihoods within our value chain, especially in the communities they work closely with

For more information on Reckitt’s COP26 partnership, read here: