GSK, Google, Microsoft & McKinsey create partnership for better protection against health emergencies

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15 September, 2020


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A new partnership between universities, foundations and leading technology and health companies aims to protect the world from future pandemics, by harnessing the power of data and analytics.

14 September 2020: The Trinity Challenge – launched today by 22 world-leading universities, businesses and non-profit organizations – will provide access to £10 million of funding for innovations that could improve the world’s ability to identify, respond to and recover from pandemics and other global health threats.

Major organizations and influential thinkers have come together to form a new global coalition called The Trinity Challenge. The group, welcomed by Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is united by the common aim of using data and advanced analytics to develop insights and actions on health emergency identification, response and recovery. It will give the brightest minds a platform to partner with leaders from businesses, the social sector and academia to help contribute to a world better protected from health emergencies.

Convened by Dame Sally Davies – former UK Chief Medical Officer, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London and Master of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge – the Trinity Challenge calls on participants to harness the potential of data and analytics to learn and share lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and drive advances in areas such as economics, behavioral sciences, and epidemiology.

The challenge brings together companies like GSK, Google, Microsoft and McKinsey – as well as universities including Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, Northeastern or the University of Hong Kong  – to work together on health issues in an unprecedented way.

Launching the Challenge, Dame Sally Davies said: “There will be another COVID-19, and there is an opportunity for the international community to learn lessons now and prepare for the future. The Trinity Challenge is a recognition by business, academia and philanthropy of the need for new, breakthrough ideas and approaches to beat the next pandemic.”

“My career has been inspired by making sure all people, everywhere, have the best possible life chances. Health is integral to that, and we are seeing this now more than ever. We need to come together to make sure this never happens again. We need new ways of working, new partnerships, new ideas, and believe that together this strong and growing coalition can and will generate acts that protect and improve lives and livelihoods everywhere.”

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