WBCSD’s strategic approach to business and sustainability: an interview with Peter Bakker on CNNMoney Switzerland

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15 January, 2019


Insights from the CEO


Why sustainability matters and why every business decision should be tested on its sustainability impact

In a conversation with Martina Fuchs from CNNMoney Switzerland, our President and CEO Peter Bakker talks about today’s challenges for business, and how we work together with our members to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

Peter Bakker: “By bringing together companies from different sectors in the different programs, and by making sure that the CEOs are personally involved to lead the work, we make sure that it is not just the conversation that is taking place. When you work with WBCSD, you work with your company on real solutions that will make the change the world needs.”

“We see that sustainability has really been integrated into business strategies. So, every decision the company makes, every investment, every acquisition, all products they launch; they should all be tested on their sustainability impact. But, we have to be mindful. You can’t do everything alone. Our role is to mobilize business, to enable them to lead, transform and succeed.”

Watch the interview to find out more.