Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR)

Bob Mann

Managing Director
Leor Rotchild

Background information
In 1995, CBSR helped to introduce Canadian businesses to a ground-breaking idea now widely accepted as a compelling truth: that businesses do better – by every measure – when they operate in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

For over two decades, we’ve helped Canadian businesses understand those principles and reap the benefits of putting them into action. Initially, acting as guides and teachers, we also developed into convenors, providing safe spaces for business people to freely reveal challenges, share information and work toward building socially responsible companies and a more sustainable future.

Most recently, we’ve become champions for the Canadian approach to doing business; we believe our approach has something to offer the world. As we grow, we will continue to support our partners, in our traditional roles and by creating new tools and unique, inclusive opportunities to help Canadian businesses make an enduring and positive contribution to the world.



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