BCSD Thailand

Established in 1993, the Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development (TBCSD) consists of representatives from leading business organizations.


Prasert Bunsumpun,
Chairman of TBCSD

Executive Director

Dr Wijarn Simachaya, President of Thailand Environment Institute, serves as the Secretary General of TBCSD


The TBCSD has increasingly become the leading business organization for sustainable development in Thailand, with more than 43 member companies covering the country’s major industries.

The TBCSD is committed to accelerating the transition to a sustainable world by promoting more sustainable business success in Thailand. The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) Foundation, one of the world’s leading national and global think tanks on environmental sustainability, serves as the TBCSD Secretariat.


  • Climate change: The TBCSD is committed to tackling climate change in a practical way by working with relevant agencies to set clear climate goals and actions, identify concrete measures and define frameworks for private sector action towards sustainable, low-carbon business. In addition, the TBCSD contributes to raising awareness and disseminating knowledge on how business can leverage resources and support national policies.
  • Plastic waste: The TBCSD, in collaboration with the Plastic Industry Club of the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and 42 partners from all sectors, contributes to the “Public-Private Partnership for Sustainable Plastics and Waste Management” or PPP Plastics, for its 5th year.
  • E-waste: The TBCSD is investing its efforts to address the problem of e-waste by participating in the Thai People without E-Waste Project”. Through this initiative, e-waste is collected and shipped for proper recycling and to prevent the leakage of harmful compounds from e-waste into the environment.
  • Biodiversity conservation: TBCSD contributes to biodiversity conservation through the Bio-Diversity Network Alliance (B-DNA) project. B-DNA was established in 2018 in collaboration between the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and private companies to build multi-sectoral cooperation on environmental conservation in Thailand and promote biodiversity in line with the UN SDGs.