BCSD Guatemala (CentraRSE)

CentraRSE is a partner to all companies, from the smallest to the largest and in all economic sectors of Guatemala.


Federico Barquero

Managing Director

Juan Pablo Morataya

Background information


  • Promotion of BSR and Sustainable Development;
  • Public awareness campaigns and programs:
    • The CentraRSE Awards, given to the best BSR practices in Guatemala;
    • The annual BSR National Summit.
  • Alliances:
    • Strategic international alliances that create greater endorsement and credibility;
    • Joint cooperation with local commerce chambers and civil organizations.
  • Workshops with local and international experts;
  • Specific in-company trainings;
  • Open training courses;
  • Business forums with company executives to exchange best practices;
  • Partnerships with Universities.
  • BSR Indicators for Guatemala;
  • BSR Indicators for Central America;
  • Corporate and Sector Ethics Codes;
  • Specialized tools for the implementation of BSR, specific for particular issues and economic sectors.
  • Investigation of successful business cases in Guatemala;
  • Perception of BSR practices;
  • International best practices;
  • Country report on BSR and sustainability status.