Established in 1997, CEBDS integrates the WBCSD Global Network, representing more than 100 business groups. CEBDS’ mission is to promote the practical transformation of industries, markets, companies and professionals, joining business and society for a sustainable country. It is the first institution in Brazil to address sustainability using the “Triple Bottom Line” concept, which proposes that business must operate in alignment with economic, social and environmental aspects. CEBDS is the voice of the Brazilian business sector, representing companies in their relations with governments, not only to defend the specific interests of their members, but especially to build a comprehensive sustainable development policy for the benefit of Brazilian society.

To accomplish its mission, CEBDS’ objectives and strategic direction are focused in four value proposals: 

  1. Practice Transformation: Provide tools and methodologies that transform the management and operation of organizations. 
  2. Advocacy and Networking: Influence public policy, and work in network to ensure an enabling environment for business sustainability. 
  3. Cutting-Edge Concepts: Be at the forefront of concepts and practices that leverage corporate sustainability and ensure competitive advantage for members. 
  4. Educator and Trainer of Expertise: Provide corporate sustainability education, information and knowledge to society. 

In addition to institutional representation and specific projects, the CEBDS operates in Working Groups. The Working Groups are forums where the associated companies from various sectors come together to discuss common problems in sustainability management. These forums are open to all associates. Currently, CEBDS has six working groups: Energy and Climate Change; Sustainable Finances; Biotechnology and Biodiversity; Water; Food Systems; and Social Impact. 

Marcos Bicudo

Marina Grossi

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