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Managing Director
Olmar Albers


oebu is the Swiss Business Council for Sustainable Development. The organization and its members represent a widespread network of companies supporting sustainable development across economic sectors and branches.

oebu’s broad perspective involves all dimensions of sustainability: economic, social and environmental aspects are seen to be of equal importance in developing business organizations. To remain prosperous, future-oriented and competitive, true sustainable development strengthens the innovative capacity and the readiness to change not only of individual organizations but also of the Swiss economy overall.

Background information

oebu is a center of excellence for sustainable business development founded in 1989. oebu evolved from a student’s initiative at the University of St. Gallen to a leading nationally- and internationally acknowledged actor. Its over 300 Swiss member companies pledge to develop their activities towards a more sustainable future, in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Focus Area/ Activities

oebu’s goal is to foster the full integration of social and environmental principles into the corporate strategy and management system of companies. oebu builds bridges between businesses, government, NGOs, academia and society. It campaigns for framework requirements that support the conversion towards a truly sustainable economy. 

oebu promotes competences, raises awareness and supports implementation of sustainability at the heart of the economic sector. It provides knowledge transfer, focusing on relevant topics such as circular economy, sustainable supply chains, people as catalyst for sustainable development, digitalisation and sustainability reporting. 

oebu’s motto is : “Turn the challenges of our time into opportunities!”

Website: http://www.oebu.ch/  

Contact: Olmar Albers, Managing Director

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