As companies face an unprecedented transition from voluntary to mandatory reporting, WBCSD is driving transparency and helping companies to leverage reporting for long term value creation.

The Challenge


Companies around the world are navigating the rapid shift from voluntary to mandatory sustainability reporting, with requirements affecting them in different ways and on different time horizons based on where they are located number of employees, annual revenue and other factors.

Many leading companies want to go beyond compliance and leverage these new requirements for opportunities the can create, yet there is not yet a perfect playbook for how to do this well.

The Business Case


WBCSD’s Transparency and Disclosure Action Area is helping companies through the transition to mandatory reporting, accelerating adoption of reporting requirements, facilitating learning and creation of best practice, and building the case for the value of transparency and accountability to business.

The Solution


There are three core components of this Action Area: The Preparer Forum for Sustainability Disclosure, which is a one-stop-shop for preparers to learn everything they need to know about key sustainability standards and to connect with one another.

The Enhancing Corporate Transparency is a leadership group for companies committed to enhancing sustainability performance and advancing financial and sustainability disclosure practice. Capital Market Engagement shares learning from investor Relations, unpacking investment developments, investor data needs and use cases.


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Fiona Watson

Senior Director, & Member of the Extended Leadership Group

Luke Blower

Senior Manager, Corporate Performance & Accountability