CFOs are in a unique position to redefine leadership in business and finance. They are key change agents within their businesses and can bridge to the investment community and the financial markets.

WBCSD’s CFO Network is a peer-to-peer community for leading CFOs in sustainability, helping CFOs:

  1. Shape the dialogue and the landscape around changing expectations and drivers of performance.
  2. Work with investors to change the system.
  3. Gain access to the tools and resources needed to make stakeholder capitalism a reality.

The challenge


Across the world, corporate sustainability performance is top of mind for investors and consumers just as business is entering the next phase of transparency and accountability

CFOs are playing an increasingly visible and central role in preparing their companies to integrate new sustainability disclosure standards into core business practices, communicating this information to stakeholders, and shaping long term strategy and narrative. This is new territory for many CFOs.

The business case


As a bridge between the corporate world and the capital markets, CFOs are uniquely positioned to set the agenda and trajectory of these market transformations as they take shape.

At the same time, they are critical change agents within their companies with capacity to implement new approaches to risk management, governance and performance, embedding sustainability across core corporate functions.

The solution


WBCSD’s CFO Network is a peer-to-peer community of leading CFOs, actively positioning the finance function as a key enabler of sustainable strategy delivery.

CFOs come together to discuss changes in expectations and drivers of performance, gaining insights in best-in-class practice and learning from peers. High-level guests and select experts, such as standard setters, ratings and rankings organizations, and investors, join select CFO roundtables, bringing additional perspectives to the discussion.


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Fiona Watson

Senior Director, & Member of the Extended Leadership Group

Catherine Puga

Senior Associate, CFO Network and Redefining Value