WBCSD is supporting companies on their journey to integrate sustainability into key corporate functions and decision-making processes such as performance management, risk management and governance.

The challenge


In today’s complex business landscape, companies globally are having to manage a wide array of sustainability-related risks, opportunities and impacts. To manage these effectively, companies are increasingly integrating sustainability into their strategies and decision-making processes and making sustainability part of every departments’ responsibilities, from finance to risk, internal audit and operations.

However, connecting sustainability strategies to employees’ roles is challenging. As highlighted in WBCSD’s Integrated Performance Management Framework, 95% of employees struggle to understand their role’s impact on company success, including sustainability. One factor contributing to this issue is the lack of awareness, understanding and skills on sustainability needed among different functions. In addition, it can be challenging to break down silos and cultivate a culture of cross-functional collaboration to help companies meet their ambitious sustainability goals.

The business case


With people at the heart of system and business transformation, WBCSD recognizes the importance of training a variety of corporate functions on core sustainability mindsets, skills and approaches and inspiring them to play a greater role in sustainability.

And considering that 90% of company value is represented through intangible assets (Ocean Tomo) – the thoughts, experiences, and expertise of people – leveraging on this intangible value is crucial. The engagement of different functions and the development of their skills helps drive meaningful change, ensures long-term resilience and fosters motivation and a sense of purpose among employees.

The solution


We are building capacity, tools and inspirational stories for sustainability integration across key functions and operations as well as offering catalytic interventions and self-paced maturity assessments that signpost where to start on your sustainability journey and how to foster cross-functional collaboration.



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