Integrating nature: assessing interconnected risks in the food retail ecosystem


14 May, 2024



Explore the intricate network of risks impacting the integration of nature into business practices within the retail and supply sector through our latest dynamic risk assessment (DRA). Engaging 34 experts from 14 organizations worldwide, we reveal the critical dependence of businesses on nature and its correlation to global risks outlined in the ‘2024 Global Risk Report’.

Our analysis delves into the unique challenges each food system faces, offering insights into the likelihood, severity, and velocity of risks, empowering decision-makers to allocate resources effectively. Additionally, we address the disproportionate contribution of some business models to nature depletion while emphasizing the potential for transformative change.

Discover actionable insights for the food retail sector to prioritize sustainability and profitability, fostering long-term partnerships and securing future food supplies while safeguarding nature.

This is the second dynamic risk assessment developed by WBCSD and KPMG to understand the network of risks that are impacting the retail and supply sector’s ability to embed nature into business practices. You can read the first report here