WBCSD is defining and unpacking drivers for value preservation and creation over short-, medium- and long-term to mobilize leadership and resource.

The challenge


Sustainability leaders in companies are often asked to build the business case internally for sustainability initiatives or investing in new sustainable products and services.

While building the business case has grown easier over time as sustainability is prioritized by customers, investors and policymakers, the business case is not always straightforward, especially in the most traditional sense of this concept.

The business case


Our goal is to help sustainability leaders build a compelling business case to support their corporate needs in addition to those of the planet and society.

By re-defining and unpacking drivers for value preservation and creation and looking across longer time frames, often the sustainable decision is the best decision for a company. We are building the case to make this mindset and approach the norm.

The solution


We are building the business case for investment in sustainability and unpacking valuation methods, status and development options.

By exploring value drivers for sustainability over short-, medium- and long-term, we are looking to to equip change agents and decision makers with fact-based, financial and data-driven insights.

Let's transform

Fiona Watson

Senior Director, & Member of the Extended Leadership Group

Luke Blower

Senior Manager, Corporate Performance & Accountability