WBCSD is helping companies embed sustainable business transformation in strategy, corporate finance and enterprise risk management.

The challenge


Transition planning has become a buzz word in the world of corporate sustainability and related regulatory contexts.

But, there is no single function in companies dedicated to transition planning. Teams are convened leveraging expertise from multiple functions, but what this means and how it works in practice is not always straightforward.

The business case


WBCSD’s Transition Planning Action Area is helping companies to make sense of this evolving space, facilitating learning, peer exchange and the development of best practice to bring transition planning to life in companies.

By convening cross-functional teams from strategy, finance and risk, companies are designing transition plans that bring value and make strategic sense in the long term.

The solution


We explore how sustainable transitions and transformation should feature in business objectives, planning, operations, and performance management.

We seek to advance the integration of sustainability in financial planning (e.g. CapEx, OpEx) and financing (e.g. loans, bonds etc.), and we are working to develop integrated risk and opportunity assessments, connecting risk management to strategy and building strategic resilience.


Let's transform

Fiona Watson

Senior Director, & Member of the Extended Leadership Group

Luke Blower

Senior Manager, Corporate Performance & Accountability

Gordon Darling

Director, Redefining Value