Mr. Luis Javier Castro

Managing Director
Silvia Lara Povedano

Background information
AED Costa Rica (Asociación Empresarial para el Desarrollo) is a private non-profit organization created by Costa Rican and foreign owned businesses in 1997 to mobilize corporate efforts, in an efficient and effective manner, towards social investments in priority issues for national development.

CSR Reference Unit: This unit is in charge of helping companies implement the CSR Model for Costa Rica, developed for AED by INCAE in 2004. AED's services include assistance to companies carrying out self-assessments of their CSR practices through INDICARSE (Central American CSR Indicators), a national and regional CSR benchmark of local and multi national companies with regional  operations and establishing networking capabilities with other organizations promoting CSR in Costa Rica and beyond.

AED helps develop and facilitate alliances between corporate and public sectors and civil society organizations, aimed at increasing the impact of individual initiatives through strategic investments in joint efforts.

One of its main objectives being to contribute towards strengthening public policy , through public-private alliances in key issues such as education, environment, social development and the fight against poverty.

At the educational level, AED is working towards finding innovative ways of facing some of the biggest challenges of the Costa Rican educational system with projects aimed towards: a) improving quality of education, b)  promoting the use of technology; c) prevention of exclusion from the educational system; d) violence prevention; e) development of leadership and competency skills geared towards increasing employability; f) promoting art, creativity and innovation and especially developing an information system, along with the ministry of education, that allows the collection of critical data for guiding public policy and education needs.

AED also develops public-private alliance projects dealing with social entrepreneurship, environment, health, culture and violence prevention issues.