BCSD Turkey

Ms. Galya Frayman MOLINAS

Executive Director

Background information
BCSD Turkey was launched October 2004 to create awareness among the business community thus contributing to a more sustainable future in Turkey.

BCSD Turkey is a non- profit association, led by business leaders. BCSD - Turkey helps companies to understand the concept of Sustainable Development as well as to implement Sustainable Development into their daily business practices; thus it creates a sustainable platform which enables interaction among business leaders, government, NGOs, Civil Society at a national and international level.


  • Capacity Building (congresses, seminars, workshops, trainings);
  • Leveraging best practices (improving sectoral understanding and inspiring for sustainable solutions);
  • Creating synergy between regions;
  • Partnering for sustainable solutions (government, ngos, business, academicians at the first tier);
  • Creating awareness not only among business leaders but also among our younger generation;
  • Introducing WBCSD between Turkish business leaders to encourage participating WBCSD;
  • Helping top universities of Turkey to implement sustainable development topics into their post graduation programs.