BCSD Portugal


Mr. António Mexia, Chief Executive Officer, EDP

Secretary General:

Ms. Sofia Santos

Background information:

Background information

The Business Council for Sustainable Development Portugal (BCSD PT) is a non-profit association of public interest that represents companies engaged with sustainability. It was created in 2001. BCSD PT has been an active player in Portugal over the last 15 years, by developing research, workshops, working groups with companies’ members, participating in public policy consultations in several issues related with carbon issues, energy, green fiscal policy, sustainability reporting between others. Some of BCSD PT’s largest members are also members of the WBCSD and are highly involved with low carbon related projects that this organization is promoting.

BCSD PT has more than 80 company members, 20% of which are micro and SME with the remaining being large companies, including most PSI20’s stock market index. The member companies have a wide sectorial representation: utilities, mobility & transports, gas & petrol, energy, tourism, food, retail, metal industry, services, waste management, etc. In total, the turnover of the members is close to 65 billion euros, 38% of Portuguese GDP, and aggregate about 270,000 employees.

BCSD PT vision is that: in 2030, Portugal is at the forefront of European countries regarding business solutions that promote a low-carbon economy, that enhance ecosystems services and that contribute to well-being. Therefore, BCSD goals for 2030 are: position BCSD PT as the leader organization in sustainable development within the business community; participate in public policy development and foster collaboration between the private sector, policy makers and civil society; develop and promote projects that stimulate sustainable development and competitiveness amongst companies.



Redefining value

  • Non-financial information
  • Social Capital Protocol
  • Natural Capital Protocol
  • The importance of green economy in Portugal

Business solutions

  • Low-carbon economy
  • Ecosystem services
  • Circular economy
  • Financing the green economy


  • Smart cities
  • Sustainable purchasing


  • Sustainable leadership programme in partnership with a university
  • Promoting sustainability in schools

Future thinkings

  • TTIP, Transatlântic trade and investment partnership
  • BioProducts
  • The Oceans economy
  • Land & Food