Responsible Business Forum

President & General Director

Marzena Strzelczak   

Background information      

The Responsible Business Forum is the largest NGO in Poland addressing the concept of corporate social responsibility in a comprehensive manner, with the longest tradition in Poland, operating since 2000. The Forum is an expert organization that initiates and partners in key activities for the CSR, ESG and sustainability in Poland.

We inspire business that changes the world and provide a meeting place for people who change business. We promote sustainable development.

RBF in Poland co-operates with international organizations: World Business Council for Sustainable Development, CSR Europe, UN Global Compact, Business in the Community, Open for Business, World Economic Forum, Climate Governance Initiative and EU Platform of Diversity Charters and many others stakeholders. As the first non-governmental organization in Poland RBF became an GRI Organizational Stakeholder.


Our main activities are as follows:

Working with business to benefit society

In cooperation with business, the Responsible Business Forum has initialized a development program for future executive staff promoting social responsibility as a standard business approach by:

  • Partnership Program  - a comprehensive program of cooperation between the Responsible Business Forum and companies which, through their commitment and actions, contribute to promoting the sustainable development in Poland. RBF supports member companies in introducing the principles of CSR and helps them in embedding it into practice.
  • Diversity Charter in Poland - is a written obligation signed by  employers which declares to introduce the prohibition on discrimination in the workplace and decides to undertake measures to create and promote diversity. In Poland, the Charter is coordinated exclusively by RBF.
  • "Sustainability Reports" Contest - awards for the best ESG/CSR/sustainability and integrated reports in Poland.
  • Responsible Business League – a Polish network of student organizations committed to promoting the idea of corporate social responsibility.
  • "People who changed business" Award - the first award in Poland fully dedicated to people engaged in the development of corporate social responsibility in their companies and business environment.

Promoting responsible business

  • CSR Marketplace (the biggest ESG/CSR/sustainability event in Poland) and other conferences
  • - the biggest and longest-running Polish website dedicated to responsible business and related topics which contains also the largest database with CSR good practices in Poland
  • RESPO Newsletter
  • Publications on responsible business and sustainable development
  • “Quill of Responsibility” - competition for journalists and CSR experts
  • Podcasts & video series
  • Partnership in CSR contests and initiatives
  • Cooperation with the nationwide and business media

Analyzing and developing responsible business

The RBF leads the way in new trends in CSR and sustainable development and builds a favorable social and political climate for the development of responsible business thanks to the following projects:                   

  • Annual "Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices" Report
  • “CSR Managers” and other research projects
  • Tools for businesses (like Diversity IN Check)
  • Book series and infographics
  • Own and joint research projects
  • Publications
  • Co-organizing working groups as part of the Team for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility, an auxiliary body of the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy

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