Sustainability Makers


Maria Luisa Parmigiani

Managing Director

Stefania Bertolini

Background information
Sustainability Makers is the Italian association of professionals dedicated fulltime to sustainability in all types of organizations (companies, corporate foundations, professional societies, public administration, non-profit organizations, associations).  Objectives regarding sustainability are:

  • expertise development: of knowledge and skills acquisition, best practices sharing and cross activation;
  • promotion of the profession: awareness enhancement on the value created by the sustainability professionals;
  • promotion of sustainability policies and practices: public awareness campaigns, conferences and workshops on critical sustainability  issues, dissemination of culture at universities; close working with institutions;
  • international advocacy: participation to sustainability international networks professionals, development of relationships with leading centers in the world on these topics.

Main activities:

Amongst the activities organized by Sustainability Makers every year in the service of its members, are of particular importance:

  • Workshop behind closed doors, 4-5 meetings on topics of priority interest as reported by the Members. This is the most defining moment of the Association who sees a high active participation of all members and is a valuable opportunity for dialogue and professional development;
  • Research to investigate the most relevant issues of sustainability policies in Italy and worldwide;
  • Conferences on the issues raised in the research and others, involving Italian and foreign experts;
  • Webinars, online seminars on technical topics in-depth;
  • Publications: publications for the general public (reports, CD Roms, articles, etc..) and scientific articles in international journals;
  • Workgroups on sustainability issues;
  • Contributions to the debate: comments, position papers, papers on topics relevant to businesses and society;
  • Website: with reserved sections for Members (with, for example, all the presentations used in workshops and conferences), dedicated space to "Wanted / Offered Jobs in the context of CSR", research reports area, etc.;
  • Services between Members, promotion of exchange of inquiries, suggestions, ideas, peer reviews of the draft/final version of sustainability reports, etc.;
  • Education. In partnership with ALTIS-Catholic University, the Network offers an annual course that is the point of reference in Italy for Sustainability Managers. In addition, the Network works with initiatives promoted by other training providers on the same themes;
  • Conventions on services related to sustainability such as magazine subscriptions, paid websites, certification services, social and environmental training courses.

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