Yanni Paniaras, Executive Director of Group Corporate Affairs and Executive Director of Greek Region, Titan Cement Company S.A.

Managing Director
Konstantinos Konstantinou

Background information
SEV Business Council for Sustainable Development (SEVBCSD), was founded in 2008 by members of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), aiming to be the powerful and dynamic leverage of enterprises who are willing and able to play a leading role in the promotion of Sustainable Development in the Greek business community. By constantly supporting sustainability as being imperative to long-term business success, SEVBCSD promotes business models in line with the global sustainability goals.


SEVBCSD key pillars of action include:

  • The active and sound representation of the business community in the stakeholders dialogue
  • The incorporation of social and environmental criteria into business strategies
  • The exchange of knowledge and best practices between the business community


  • SDGs: SEVBCSD promotes the incorporation of the SDGs in business strategies and collaborates with other stakeholders for their implementation at national level.
  • Circular Economy: Looking beyond the current “take, make and dispose” business and consuming model, SEVBCSD aims to raise awareness among business community and facilitate the transition to the new “circular” models that minimize waste and overall environmental footprint.
  • Climate Change: SEVBCSD represents the business community at the ongoing dialogue for both the adaptation and mitigation national strategies and actions, towards both meeting the national targets and an equal level playing field for sectors exposed to “carbon Leakage”.
  • Environmental legislation: SEVBCSD constantly supports the acceleration of transition towards efficient legislation, effectively enforced that will serve​ as the necessary basis for sustainable growth and investments.

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